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REVIVIFY  is an atempt to make people aware of their consumption habits and to show that one mans trash can be a beautiful treasure to others. K O L B R U N used vintage furniture found on the streets of Barcelona for it´s collection and both took them apart and used them with different techniques to make a unique collection of furniture clothes. K O L B R U N uses earth friendly materilas for it´s collection such as cotton, leather, wool, wood and cellulose fabrics such as rayon and viscose. 
K O L B R U N ´s accessories collection is a tribute to the same content although it is as well making people aware that it is time to "stop time" and think about what will happen in the future, communication wise with our upcoming generations. K O L B R U N uses crochet tecniques, vintage jewellery, watches and natural fabrics for her compliments.

photographer: María Guðrún Rúnarsdóttir - stylist: Kolbrún Ýr Gunnarsdóttir - makeup/hair: Jacqueline Mikuta - model: Margarita Aleks

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