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KOLBRUN took second place in the Blue Fashion Challenge 2017 held in the Faroe Islands where 11 scandinavian designers participated using only marine materials. 

The jury had this to say about Kolbrun's designs: "The outfit combined the traditional and the modern in a very good way that displayed a strong understanding of sustainability and functionality. The designer used different materials in a way that surprised the jury positively as the layers were uncovered, and the jury can imagine the outfit on both the runway and being worn in the streets. Second place goes to Kolbrun from Iceland."

Blue Fashion Challenge has been exhibited at Copenhagen Fashion Week in january 2018 at Nikolaj Kunsthal, HAV. Are future textiles coming from below sea level?

BFC will be exhibited at Design March in Reykjavík March 2018, in Malta, in Rome, in Faroe Islands and many more to come ...

Photographer: Tommy Ton - model: Katrina Egholm - make up artist: Mia Staksá

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